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How to Live Without Our Rosie Girl?

Filed under: Uncategorized — rosiesmom at 4:24 pm on Saturday, September 25, 2010

We don’t know how to live without Rosie right now??!!   We are questioning everything that happened this week.  Did we make a mistake taking her to get checked out, did the Doctors make a mistake doing the Core Biopsy.  What went wrong?  All we know is she is gone and we can’t get her back.  Her memories and presence is very heavy at home.  Every where we turn  and everything we do there she is in our mind.   She was the center of our life.  We did everything around her for so long.  Especially since she had been sick, we took special care of her and made sure she had whatever she needed. 

All the things you take for granted, their begging, their laying in the bad spot where you have to step over them, just being there laying around when you’re there doing your thing.  Rosie was always there.  She’s always been there for 12 1/2 years!  She was always waiting for us patiently for us to stop doing what we were doing and come play with her or be with her or take her on a walk.  All I can say to all of you is do that right now.  Don’t waste time doing unimportant things that can be done latter.  Spend time with your best friend now while you still have them.  When they are gone you wish you could just take that walk, or play with that toy one more time.

Rosie was a happy girl.  Even when she did not feel good she was happy.  Her look melted me.  She didn’t like it when we got upset about anything, she constantly reminded us to be kind, loving, patient , if we could only display all the qualities perfectly as she did we’d be a pretty good human.  She was our Girl, to love.  We loved her so so much.   She was the dog of a lifetime.  She is not replaceable. 

We are sad, we are crying, we are trying to go on living every day, get up every day, carry on every day.  But without her our life will never be the same.  We loved her to the end I think she knew that.  But I just don’t want to remember her the way she was the last day.  I can’t get those images out of my mind.  I know time will help.  But right now time is moving so slowely.  We just want our Rosie Girl Back.  It seems like a huge nightmare to realize she is really gone.  We just expect her to show up around the corner or be there where we expect her to be.  This is clearly one of the hardest experiences we have ever had to deal with. Life is Empty without her.  We hope the days will get better I know it will take time.  For now let us grieve over Rosie, Our Love.

Rosie’s Mom and Dad




September 25, 2010 @ 6:00 pm   

The pain is so fresh, so raw. And the hole in our hearts so big and gaping when their physical selves are missing from our lives. My girl JD has been gone only a few short weeks and I can say I am still feeling the emotions you shared. But those moments of disbelief, when I realize she is not here, are fewer now.

The slow passage of time, especially these heavy and dark minutes hours and days are agonizing and I am so sorry for you. Find comfort where you can. Crying, talking about Rosie, sharing your feeelings here, anything that helps. Remind yourselves of all the things you did to help her and all the love that passed between you.

I hope your horrible grief will pass gently and occasionally, then more often, be replaced with warm memories of your ‘dog of a lifetime’ Rosie.

Spirit JD’s mom


   Chloe's mom

September 25, 2010 @ 6:09 pm   

You can’t blame yourself for being a loving dog mom trying to do everything in your power to help Rosie in the moments that you encounter adversity.

It is so heartbreaking. There is no rush to “get over” her because a part of you never will. The first dog I ever grew up with, Bonnie, died from lymphoma 1 year after diagnosis. She was deemed in remission after all the chemo sessions, but all of a sudden she stopped eating, stopped moving and had a glassy look in her eyes. The lymphoma had severely spread to her lungs and we had to let her go. All I remember is my mom bringing home her tags.

She was the first dog and family member I had ever lost. I was 10 years old, old enough to understand the finality of life and that she wasn’t coming back. It was very hard and there is no “quick” cure or advice I can give other than grieve at your own pace.

Chloe is our second dog with cancer and we hope the best for her. We will be thinking of you at this time and hoping that spirit Rosie can come and give you some comfort.

-Chloe’s mom



September 25, 2010 @ 9:52 pm   

I am so sorry. I can’t help you right now, only time can. All I can do is tell you that it does hurt beyond what feels possible to handle, but you will handle it. She knows you love her, and you did nothing wrong. You just tried to do everything you could to save her. There is nothing wrong with that. I am so very sorry for your loss. She was such a sweet looking, wonderful girl. Your girl. She knows even now that you love her. I believe that, love is eternal. It is all that we take with us. Not money, not things, but we do take love. Maybe a little change would be good. Your life is so different right now, maybe you can get away for a few days, go somewhere different. There are many stages of grief and we have to ride them all out in order to heal. Sometimes we even need to take a break from it. I hope this helps,
Elizabeth and Sammy



September 26, 2010 @ 12:39 am   

Rosie’s mom and dad,
Your in all of our thoughts. It is very hard to carry on when your heart hurts and your world seems so empty. There will be days when the pain seems unbearable. And you can only take one day at a time, sometimes it is only moments. The pain fades in tiny, tiny, tiny bits. She will never be replaceable and she’ll never be gone because she lives in your heart and in your memories.
I can only say from a lot of heartaches of losing human loved ones and also furry loved ones, but eventually the memory of the last day will be pushed aside and you’ll remember the good times.

When you up to it, please visit all of the condolences sent to you in the forums:

I hope our words of support will help in your sorrow.

Sending you hugs,
Comet’s mom



September 26, 2010 @ 10:54 am   

thanks for reminding us to love unconditionally everyday. you did, and rosie did too. time can move so slowly when your heart aches so deeply.

charon & gayle



September 27, 2010 @ 5:12 pm   

When Jerry left us, it helped to remember that he always hated seeing us upset. When especially sad, we’d play the “Remember When” game.

Next time you fee like crying, ask yourself, “Remember when Rosie…” And fill in the blank with fond memories.


   Carmen (Catie's Mom)

September 27, 2010 @ 5:28 pm   

Aw, Rosie’s Mom and Dad. This is so unbearably hard for you, I know. Your life is different. You will one day be able to banish those images of her final day and you will remember her as the generous, loving, patient, playful spirit she truly was.

Time will help. I know it’s a struggle for you.

Sending huge hugs.




September 29, 2010 @ 8:23 am   

Hi Rosie’s mom and dad,

We’re thinking about you today. It’s been a week since we both lost our girls.

As I read again what you went through with Rosie last week, I think of the post that someone put on the forum to you that helped us through the our last moments with Honey. That the most comforting and reassuring thing for her was that we were with her, by her side loving her. You took such good care of your girl and did everything within your control that you could.

The past week has been hard. We’ve been looking at pictures, videos, talking about Honey, crying and laughing at her silliness. And we’ve been spending way too much time on Tripawds!! It all helps us get through the day.

Hugs to you from Honey’s Family!



October 1, 2010 @ 12:24 am   

Dear Comet’s Mom: Thank you for starting the forum to say goodbye to Rosie and help us cope. We did read all the replys and it was unbelieveable everyone who cared enough to write us a good wish. We didn’t plan Rosie’s last day it was shoved upon us in emergency with her bleed out. It was horrifying for us, and I can’t imagine what she was thinking. I can’t stop thinking of that day, was she in pain, how did she endure the long ride in the car. She never cried, never fussed when they put the IV in her leg to enable the euthenisia. She was so tired. Her belly was bloated from the bleed out. You couldn’t even feel the lump any more. I still can’t believe this happened to us. I talked to the Dr. today after a week they got the final results back. They now are saying a different kind aggresive type of oesteosarcoma, but a new one. It may not have metastisized from her other oesteosarcoma. They don’t know for sure. They did say that what happened to Rosie they had not seen, and that it was really rare to bleed out like that from a biopsy. I asked them today if it was a bleeding tumor why did they biopsy it. They said that it usually doesn’t cause a bleed out to biopsy. There was no way to know that it was going to bleed out. The blood work did not show that she had coagulating problem yet. It just advanced so fast. They said it was really aggresive! Figures it would be poor Rosie that got this rare type of cancer.

We are making baby steps in our recovery. It has been one long crying week. It seems like forever, but it seems like I’m also stuck in that day the day she passed. We got her ashes back today. We had her cremated and they sent a beautiful box with her name and dates on it. We just couldn’t handle burying her ourself. But it’s just a box, it’s not her. She is in our memory and our hearts. I miss Rosie so much! She was our beautiful sweet girl. She taught me so much. I’m still working on all the things she tried to teach me.
Thank you for caring!
Sandy – Rosie’s Mom



October 1, 2010 @ 12:34 am   

Hi Honeygurl’s Family:
We are coping just barely. It’s been a hard long week as you know. I can’t stand not having Rosie in our Life We’ve had her for 12 1/2 years every day. Being away from her for over a week now is unbearable at times. We don’t know what to do with ourselves. We feel lost in the house. We keep looking for her in her spots she would lay. There is no one to walk outside with during her usual outside strolls. No food to make for her, with all the special things we’d give her to keep her healty. It didn’t work. All the vitamins, and chinese herbs, and everything, it just didn’t keep her alive. We lost her too quick. We can’t stand the thought of her being in pain that last day and trying to get it out of our mind. Dr. confirmed to me today it was a Sarcoma, another Oesteosarcoma on her chest bone. But a more aggressive kind as it grew so fast. He didn’t know if it had metastisized from her original oesteosarcoma or a whole new one. But he said it was very rare for it to bleed out like that from the biopsy. He said it usaually doesn’t bleed out like that from biopsy. So she had a rare condition. We just can’t believe the condition she got in so quick. We have to forget that day. I’m trying to. It’s so hard. We got her ashes back today. In a really beautiful box with her name and dates on it. It’s just a box it isn’t her. She is in our hearts and mind forever. I can’t look at her last pictures that day yet. I want to remember her well, running and barking not sick. How old was your girl? I hope you all will feel better as each day passes.
I’m sure you did everything you could to help your girl too. Honeygurl and Rosie, 2 special Golden Retreivers who had parents that would do what ever we could to help them. They know we loved them I’m sure. I just wish I could talk to Rosie now and tell her how much I love her. We are realizing now how everything we did revolved around Rosie!
Thanks for caring. Hugs to you from Rosie’s Family.

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