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Rosie's Rose Garden – Life!

Rosie lives to smell the Roses and Survive Cancer.

Rosie’s Here 1 Year after Diagnosis!!!

Filed under: Uncategorized — rosiesmom at 10:53 am on Wednesday, September 15, 2010

To everyone who fears loosing their beautiful doggy companion. Rosie has been the most wonderful dog companion I’ve every had.  We can’t imagine being without her.  We’ve had a rough summer.  It’s been very hot here in Florida and Rosie couldn’t stand to go outside for very long.  So exercise was at a minimum.  She did a lot of what you see in the first photo.  Taking a snooze during the day!   The weather is getting  a bit more tolerable now so we’ve done a few short walks in the evening.  She still goes in the pool but not as often as we’d like.  It’s a bit of an ordeal getting her in the pool as we have an above the ground pool.  But we make it fun.   She swims with her float coat on. 

Rosie had her 3 month exam 3 weeks ago and they said she checked out good. No metastisis of the cancer to her lungs.  Her blood work was better than before.  We were so relieved.  Only to become worried again in 3 short weeks since her exam.  We’ve noticed a distended area on her chest behind her front leg on her chest.  It is definetely hurting her when I touch it she doesn’t like it.  I’m so worried now about what that could be.  They did the xrays and said she was clear, how could they have missed this huge thing on her chest.  We’ve had Rosie on a Raw Diet and she has dropped some significant weight about 6 pounds!  Which makes it a lot easier for her to walk around.  But now that she’s lost the weight this thing is sticking out on her chest.  I’m not happy until we find out what it is.  We have to deal with it we can’t just ignore it. 

Rosie has been here a year after Diagnosis.  A year as of 8/11/10.  YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.  She made it a YEAR!!!   Last year I didn’t think we’d survive this long.  I want her to make it another year or longer but only if she’s not in a lot of pain.   Am I greedy?!    She’s also 6 months past her Amputation!   But we have an appointment Monday to find out what this lump is on her chest.  I’m not sure what to expect again.  Here we go again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????  I hate this feeling of uncertainty and worry.  It’s so unsettling.  Meanwhile the suffer in silence while we try to figure out what is wrong and how to make them feel better.

Thanks for listening. 











September 15, 2010 @ 11:01 am   

rosie looks great!! love that smiling picture rolling in the grass. stop your fretting, for now. you don’t know for sure anything, except that you have this wonderful girl to hug and kiss and snuggle with. capture these wonderful moments and enjoy each and every one to the fullest!!!

congrats on a year since diagnosis, rosie is a hero!!! ice cream and cheese for everyone!!!!!

charon & gayle


   Chloe's mom

September 15, 2010 @ 11:38 am   

Oh Rosie looks like a sweetie pie! Glad she has made it a year after her diagnosis and 6 months since her amputation!!

Chloe and I hope that the “lump” turns out to be something benign like a fat nodule (lypoma) or fluid build up (like a seroma).

-Chloe’s mom



September 15, 2010 @ 12:39 pm   

The wait and the imagination are such agony. We hope you will have good news. Zip is only 2 weeks past amputation AND 8 DAYS PAST 1ST CHEMO. she HAS A THERMAL BURN WHICH WE WORRY ABOUT INFECTION WITH HER COUNTS BEING LOW. she IS NOT REAL STRONG IN HER REMAINING HIND LEG. Sorry for the caps, too tired to retype. Zip has so many lypomas that we are always agonizing over any new lump. Keep us informed on what you find.



September 15, 2010 @ 12:43 pm   

Beautiful Rosie, you look so happy! Congratulations on this milestone. Now, work on your pawrents to get over that whole fear and worry thing and start rolling in the grass with you. :-)



September 15, 2010 @ 2:41 pm   

Rosie looks great and it’s so nice to read about her reaching her 6-month ampuversary and 1-year from her diagnosis. She looks like such a happy girl – thanks for sharing the pictures!!

Bethany and Kobe


   Carmen (Catie's Mom)

September 15, 2010 @ 5:19 pm   

Aw, Rosie, there you are, you lovely dear. A year post-diagnosis – that is truly worth celebrating.

Those are such sweet pictures.

Paws and fingers crossed for some relief from your worry at the vet’s on Monday. I totally appreciate your feelings of uncertainty and anxiety; for me, sometimes the not-knowing and all the resulting speculation and fears are worse than dealing with definitive information. In the meantime, until her appointment, just keep loving that beautiful girl.



September 15, 2010 @ 11:51 pm   

Rosie, we love your pictures! And congratulations on a year after diagnosis and congratulations on your 6 month ampuversary!!! Those are HUGE milestones, and you are definitely a hero! We’ll be having a few extra treats in your honor!
Please keep us posted on your beautiful girl.



September 16, 2010 @ 11:26 pm   

So much to say. First – Woo Hoo Rosie for a whole year post-diagnosis. Second – no, mom, you are not selfish. You are just being a good mom who wants her baby around for as long as possible. Third – oh no on the thing on her chest. We are worried about you, Rosie, but in looking at your pics, you sure seem very happy. We are sure everything will be fine. We will be thinking about you over the weekend and on Monday. Keep us posted.



September 19, 2010 @ 5:33 pm   

Thanks everyone for all your caring thoughts. All of you know how it feels to worry and imagine what is going to happen next. This past year has been a difficult one. We had a pretty good summer and we’ve been coasting since chemo was over. Was so happy her 3 month check was a good one . To find this mass on her chest is so alarming. I am worried. And it seems like last year all over again when we found the oesteosarcoma on her leg and had to go for that first appointment not knowing what they were going to tell us.

We worry about them so much. And as the caretaker, it is stressful. You do all this stuff for them, and then they seem okay. But you notice all these little things that they do wondering if they’re okay. I just wish they could talk to us and tell us what is wrong. You have to be so observant. Yes I’m tired. And I’m tired of worrying. So I have to try to be positive and hope for the best tomorrow. Thanks for all the understanding. Our girl is so special to us. And whose dog isn’t special to them. All of you have or had a special doggy friend whose loved you unconditionally and you understand how it feels when they are slipping away from you. I have been dreading this time for the last year. I hope it isn’t this time. I hope it isn’t this year. I’ll never be ready to say goodbye.

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